It's all about that Dad Life.

Tactical tips and fearless fathering techniques await you. These online classes for dads offer guidance for everything from changing a diaper to leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Dad Ready
Late nights. Diapers. Crying. Are you ready to be a dad? This class will prepare you for what's to come and show you how to make the biggest impact as a dad NOW so you can stay connected to your child for a lifetime.


Dad Life: Toddler Edition

Oh, the terrible two's. And three's. And... does being four really make a difference? This class will give you tools to help you keep your cool through potty training and beyond.


Dad Life: Pre-Teen & Beyond

Dating. Friendships. Grades. Sports. This class provides step-by-step instructions for how to make the most of the teen years by being a dad who's.... well. There.


Tactile tools to build long-lasting relationships with your mini-mes.

Is playing catch really enough to form a bond? How do you set boundaries without crushing spirits? Do you need to connect differently with your son than you do with your daughter? First Things U's online classes for dads will help you find the answers to these questions and more!


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