Engaged Couples

1 Class
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    Preparing for Marriage
    Start forever on the right foot with the one you love most.

    Marriage is the journey of a lifetime. It's filled with highs, lows and all the in-betweens, but with the right information and tools, there is nothing the two of you can't conquer together.

    This 14-session class will equip you and your soon-to-be spouse for what comes after you say "I do."

    After completing Preparing for Marriage Online, you'll be able to:
    - ignite intimacy in and out of the bedroom
    - keep communication clear and open with your partner
    - have a good fight
    - be prepared for what you'll encounter in the first year of marriage
    - set necessary boundaries with friends, family, careers, etc.
    - create a spending plan and understand each other's views on money
    - date your spouse and keep the playfulness alive
    - create a legacy for future generations to follow and admire

    24 Lessons / 04 Hours 26 Minutes


1 Class
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    COMING SOON: The Naked Truth of Dating
    Find the answer to: Is this the right relationship for me?

    0 Lessons / 0 Minutes

New Parents

1 Class
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    Get comfortable with a party of three.

    13 Lessons / 01 Hour 46 Minutes